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September 8, 2020 - September 9, 2020
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Retrieving data from monitoring systems, gathering it in spreadsheets and manually aggregating data into reports is the nightmare asset managers and asset owners have when speaking about portfolio monitoring and reporting. Typically, a renewable energy portfolio owner has multiple monitoring systems over different assets. This requires technical asset managers to access the different monitoring portals every day, download the information into a file and then copy and paste it into a master file. Even when a database has been built to collect this information, the process requires significant maintenance and upgrading of the database to new data sources requires many internal IT resources.

NUO connects to major wind and solar monitoring systems via API (data exchange protocols), this makes the integration with other software applications a lot easier and data is pushed into NUO for reporting and even PPA billing.

As a result, efforts can be dedicated to data analysis to be on top of plants’ performance and to enable better decision making.

All asset data at portfolio level is available and automatically acquired. Instead of performing many repetitive tasks, generating reminders or tracking tables in different spreadsheets, with NUO the asset manager can schedule and monitor tasks, track comments visible by the whole team and speed all regular asset monitoring activities. Therefore, the digitalization of such processes allows owners to operate their portfolios as efficiently as possible.

When working on projects and dealing with plants compliance and operations management, it is quite common that some things get lost among agreements, amendments and contracts with different parties.

Having a unique and well-structured point of access from which it is always evident what is available and what is not and is possible to make text search among documents, not only mitigates risks of missing important information and updates but also provides a view of the situation at a glance.

NUO offers all this and more, because it has an engine that automatically reads contracts and agreements and extracts deadlines and major KPIs (as contracts expiration date, termination notice period and O&M contracts major KPIs).

Additionally, a well-structured and complete data room ensures no trouble when it comes to selling your assets with all its documentation, easing short-term investment strategies.

Monthly and periodic reporting on actual data versus budget and previous year actuals, comparison between the actual performance and the plans banks and investors have for the financings and financings’ covenants has never been so easy to check.

NUO enables an in depth analysis that combines the accounting and financial views with technical data of the plants, so producing a variance analysis report which automatically points out where differences come from. Out of the volumes variance, in depth detail on irradiation (or wind speed), availability and performance of the plant are made available. This way, it will be easily to understand the performance of your portfolio looking at the variables you can manage (PR/availability) while disaggregating the effects from other non-controllable natural factors (irradiance/wind speed.

All assets require an in-depth analysis of their performance. NUO is designed to calculate performance KPIs using the latest available international standards in addition to user-defined tailored KPIs. This kind of analysis allows a direct and unbiased evaluation of asset performance over the portfolio. However, this standardized analysis does not fully cover the identification of potential asset underperformance issues.

NUO utilises build-in detailed analysis tools, design to detect underperformance issues on site assets. These algorithms are designed to identify underperforming assets and notify the user to investigate further. This approach significantly improves resources allocation, as it allows the users to prioritise their work in the most efficient way to maximise the asset’s performance.

Do not limit the future capabilities of your company by choosing an asset management software. With Nuo, you can begin overseeing your assets at a high level, scale up your internal operations gradually at any moment.

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